Free Range Chicken

Our Free Range Chickens are slow grown which means they have long happy lives. All of our farmers are hand-picked and only grow for Manor Farm. They comply with all standards laid down by Manor Farm and ensure the chickens have fuller lives.  The Free Range Chickens have access to green pasture, food and water and clean bedding at all times to express natural behaviours. This also results in the chickens developing a fuller flavour and texture, incomparable to other breeds. Free range chickens must be fed no less than 70% natural cereal such as wheat. Other ingredients include soya and rape seed.



Manor Farm Free Range Whole Bird.

Whole birds are great to feed the whole family. They are perfect for roasting and leftovers (if any!), can be used in other dishes. Free Range chickens provide a delicious fuller flavour and texture.




Manor Farm Free Range Fillets.

Fillets are ideal for convenience. They can be used whole or diced in various dishes. Free range fillets have a unique taste that is incomparable with other types of chicken. Available in packs of 2 and 4.

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