Everyday Chicken

All of our farmers, throughout all of our ranges are hand-picked by us, to ensure the highest quality chicken. They comply with all standards so the chickens are nurtured and live happy fulfilling lives. All of our chicken is fully traceable back to the farm on which it was reared, which are all located in the Republic of Ireland. Our Standard Chickens are fed the highest quality feed that is produced in our own feed mill, located in Shercock, Co. Cavan. The feed changes depending on their stage of growth but is made up mostly of wheat. Other ingredients include soya and rape seed. 



Manor Farm Cook in the Bag Chicken

New Manor Farm 'Really Easy Chicken' is simple, convenient and supremely tasty. Just pierce the clever bag once and put it straight into the oven. No handling, no mess and no fuss. All the flavours are locked in by the bag, giving the perfect roast chicken every time.




Manor Farm Whole Bird

Whole birds supply the best value for money and are very versatile. Every piece of the bird can be used. It can simply be used as is for a roast or can be spatchcocked. It can also be portioned, on or off the bone. Even the carcass can be used to make a delicious broth.





Manor Farm Fillets

Fillets can be used in any dish and cook much quicker than a whole chicken. Fillets can be butterflied, diced or left whole, whichever the consumer prefers. Available in packs of 2, 4 and 6.





Manor Farm Thigh and Drumstick

Thigh and Drumsticks are great party food or as starters. They can be cooked in a number of ways but are also great for barbequing. You can add your own marinade for extra flavour. They can also be used in dishes such as casseroles etc. 




Manor Farm Spicy Drumsticks

These spicy drumsticks are packed full of flavour and ready to go straight onto the barbeque or into the oven. The perfect party food or for a starter.





Manor Farm Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs are often the forgotten cut but are very versatile and great value. They can be used in any dish, casserole, curry etc or can be marinated and cooked on their own. Any bones can be used to make a delicious broth.





Manor Farm Spicy Thighs

These Spicy Thighs are ready to cook and taste delicious once cooked. If you like a bit of spice, these are for you! They can be cooked in the oven or on the BBQ, if the weather permits!






Manor Farm Irish Chicken Chasseur

These delicious skinless Chicken Thighs in an Italian-style marinade with sliced green, red & yellow peppers are a perfect way to add some flavour to a meal. Something the whole family will love and ready to cook.





Manor Farm Mini Fillets 10pk

Mini Fillets are extremely versatile and cook in an instant. They can be used in any recipe but are best for quick cooking methods such as frying or grilling.






Manor Farm Diced Fillets

Diced fillets are great for curries, casseroles or stir-frys or any dish you need to cut up fillets for. Buying fillets that are already diced saves you time and also reduces unnecessary handling.





Manor Farm Sage and Onion stuffed Part Boned Breast

These delicious stuffed breasts are a great alternative to a whole stuffed chicken. They cook much quicker and are full of flavour.





Manor Farm Spicy Wings

Spicy wings are an ideal party food or starters and ours are packed full of spicy flavour. They are best cooked in the oven or on the BBQ.






Manor Farm Chicken Burger

Chicken burgers are a healthier alternative to red meat but just as tasty. Using chicken rather than red meat is lower in fat and more economical but just as high in quality.






Manor Farm Hot & Spicy Chicken Burgers 

Chicken Burgers with a Hot & Spicy Breadcrumb Coating are perfect for a quick and convenient meal the whole family will love. They are full of flavour and using chicken meat is a healthier alternative to red meat.





Manor Farm Chicken Sausages

Chicken Sausages are much lower in fat and much higher in protein than pork sausages but still contain all the flavour. Lowering fat intake can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease while protein is a major facilitator in the growth and repair of muscle tissue.






Manor Farm Chicken Liver

Although liver is often forgotten, many delicious dishes can be made using liver such as pate, stews and pies. Liver is very high in iron which is an essential mineral in the body, although many people don't get enough of it. Liver is an ideal way of increasing your iron intake.




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